Tom Hawkins

Lead Pastor
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Dear Friend,

Welcome to NewSong Community Church!

All of us share something in common. We are all on the journey of life. At NewSong we are committed to this journey together, “as a community of faith, introducing people to Jesus, and helping them fall in love with Him.” That’s our vision. We encourage others to join us in our journey.

NewSong Community Church encourages everyone to join us in this journey as we pursue truth. We encourage people to explore their own beliefs and their own unique callings in life. We don’t claim to have all the answers about God and life. In our own lives, we’ve discovered an approach to God through the life and teachings of Jesus. Ours is simply the task of “…leading people to Jesus, and helping them fall in love with Him;” discovering for themselves what it means to have an encounter with God through the living, Jesus.

Our life together is a calling and a gift, nothing more. You don’t have to dress in any particular way to be a part of our church. You don’t have to think in any particular way. You don’t have to believe in any particular way. You are welcomed as you are and who you are. We offer a several types of educational opportunities, social events, and service projects for people of every age. All of our activities center around the weekly celebration of worship, in which our relationships with each other are nurtured, our spirits are nourished for another week, and we are reminded that there’s more to life–more to ourselves!–than the daily grind.

You are on a journey, too. At times our journeys are joyful, at other times monotonous, or even touched with sorrow or fear, but always filled with traces of God’s presence. We share our journeys in bits and pieces here at NewSong Community Church, as our relationships gradually deepen. We invite you to share in our journey together. Our mantra at NewSong is; “Where No One Stands Alone.”

Your fellow traveler,

Tom Hawkins, Lead Pastor

Jackie Schultz

Associate Pastor
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Thanks for stopping by the NewSong Community Church website. We’re glad you are taking an interest in the ministries we provide here in the greater Tecumseh area. In 2004, NewSong was established out of a deep-seeded need to reach people for Jesus. Our mission – To be a Community of Faith, Introducing People to Jesus and Helping them Fall in Love with Him – is at the forefront of everything we do whether we are involved in local ministries or foreign missions.

In a time where many people are disillusioned by the organized church, it is our hope that people will find a relationship with Jesus rather than a religious institution. Our desire is that everyone at NewSong will developing friendships through corporate worship, life groups, social events, community outreach, and mission trips. This sense of family extends into our community as we reach out to those around us and share with them the joy and peace we have found.

Whether you are seeking, questioning or just curious, we would love the opportunity to meet you. NewSong is a place where you can come as you are – our casual, friendly services offer options for the whole family.

Still not sure if NewSong is for you – give us a call or send an email. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Hope to see you soon!

Pastor Jackie